Ware House Facilities

The distribution process is a cycle of complex actions that require the highest security standards and constant information sharing. Keeping full control over the system and having insight into even the smallest components determines the quality and efficiency of warehouse management. Biopharma Limited's warehouse department is able to provide the above facility. The warehouse department has contributed significantly to the BPL effort which is committed to providing quality medicine for the mass people of Bangladesh. These departments always emphasize ensuring GMP in every section which is very necessary for smooth production. BPL warehouse department also has a strong & efficient workforce and they are able to do sustainable teamwork.


This department always ensures a congenial working atmosphere for all employees of the department under the direct supervision of the Warehouse Manager. This is the department where a person can work with self-respect, dignity, and freedom. There are sufficient numbers of pharmacists & chemists engaged in the warehouse department to ensure and maintain the GMP of the warehouse department. In providing service the main goal of the warehouse is to serve the highest efficiency in every way that we can.

Strength of Our warehouse
✓ Well racking and quick trace system(FIFO/LIFO).
✓ Maintaining ERP control material entry and issuance.
✓ Access control.
✓ Maintaining temperature control.
✓ Adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).
✓ Regular safety training.